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Nayma Création is a creative universe inspired by a futuristic utopia where technologies are in harmony with nature.  A world without borders in which all cultures and beliefs coexist together.

In this universe, art through physical expression is essential. Displaying our colors, embrace our body and personality through what we wear and what we are doing is our motto .


Born from a fusion of two multidisciplinary artists, Nayma creation brings together clothing, prints, illustrations and paintings. Nomads by nature, we move to the rhythm of the bass and artistic, visionary gatherings. We are amongst those who wish to change the world through our art. By raising awareness on the consumer purchasing power, the alarming levels of  overconsumption and therefore, save the planet little by little.


Designed for movement

As we follow the seasonal cycles and are adventurous by nature, our clothes are designed and made for movement. Made from stretchy materials, it makes it easy to take actions, juggle and dance while wearing them. Durability and comfort are our priorities so we can keep our usual rhythm. We test each of our models before making them available to be sure they can be worn in all situations.

Artisanal production

Nayma creation is a universe imagined by artists and crafters. Our distinction is in our attention to details we pay as manufacturers and the time we invest in the research and development of our products. We encourage style distinction and individual uniqueness, which is why each of our garments is made with care, in limited quantities.

Eco-responsible materials

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and that's why we must act by changing our production/consumption habits. We want to move as much as possible towards a selection of textiles resulting from an ethical and ecological grade. Our small-scale production allows us to minimize our losses by utilizing even the smallest scraps of fabric as accessories.

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